The future of the car is here

The future of the car is here!

From smart gadgets to innovative safety solutions, there’s a range of car accessories designed to make your journeys more enjoyable and safer.

Sporty cars 1

Sporty cars

Experience freedom in a car!

When you drive a sports car, enjoy the advanced engineering and sleek design that characterize these exceptional automobiles. These cars are designed to offer an unrivalled driving experience. By living this experience, you’ll discover a new dimension in motoring. These vehicles aren’t just high-performance machines. They offer you a direct connection with the road and an incomparable sense of power. They combine elegant design and technology.

When you get behind the wheel of a sports car, your journey down the road becomes a sensory experience like no other. This powerful vehicle is much more than just a means of transport. It’s an invitation to adventure, speed and adrenalin.

Sporty cars

Car rental, we take care of everything!

A car rental service lets you concentrate on what’s most important: enjoying your trip. From city cars to SUVs, rent the vehicle of your dreams. To help you plan a city break or a country getaway, Getaround will find you the perfect car from a wide range of vehicles.

Performance and style

Carmakers compete to design vehicles that are not only fast, but also elegant and sophisticated. Inside, high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies create a refined space. The finishes and on-board technologies make every journey a pleasurable experience.

Performance and style
Rearview camera

Rearview camera

The rearview camera is particularly useful when driving an SUV or MPV.

Wireless charger

Wireless charger

This accessory can be placed on the dashboard of your car and allows you to charge your phone.

The Dashcam

The Dashcam

This miniature camera continuously records your journey, providing invaluable evidence in the event of an accident.

Performance and style 1

Tuning and imported cars

The world of tuning and imported cars attracts customization enthusiasts. Imported cars offer a touch of the exotic and the rare, bringing models and technologies not always available on the local market. These vehicles are often prized for their avant-garde design and exceptional performance.

As for tuning, it transforms your car to reflect your style and enhance its performance. Depending on your tastes, you can install body kits, modify the exhaust system or improve the suspension.

Drive smart, drive green!

Eco-driving is a smart and responsible thing to do. By opting for hybrid or electric vehicles, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a smooth, quiet ride. Maintaining these vehicles is also more economical in the long term. At the same time, adopting eco-responsible driving habits maximizes your car’s energy efficiency. Green driving means choosing sustainability without sacrificing driving pleasure.

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Drive smart 8

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Drive smart 4

Drive smart 3

Drive smart

Car enthusiast

Car enthusiasts enjoy following industry news, attending motor shows and discussing the latest trends with other enthusiasts. This passion drives them to learn more and more about the mechanics, on-board technologies and performance of different vehicles.

Used cars

Enjoy almost-new at a reduced price!

Buying a used car is a great way to enjoy the benefits of an almost-new vehicle at a reduced price. Modern used cars often offer comparable performance and equipment to new models, while being much more affordable. Dealers and online sales platforms offer a wide range of models that have been certified and inspected for reliability. Buying second-hand is also an economical and ecological choice.